About Us

Jon and Jennifer


In April 2014 the Wiltzius Family (Jon, Jennifer, Emma, Maya and our dog Izzy) were fortunate to purchase Breezy Hill Campground.  Jon transitioned from his role of an educational administrator to manage  Breezy Hill Campground.  Jennifer has continued teaching while managing the office at Breezy Hill.  Emma and Maya assist in the daily operation of the campground and provide input on what children love about camping.

Our family entered the camping world in 2006 with the encouragement and support of friends Jeff and Sarah Harbridge.  Our first camping outing was at Breezy Hill Campground.  We created many memories camping throughout Wisconsin and the United States.  It is our family’s mission to ensure that your visit to Breezy Hill Campground will create memories for you and your family that will last a lifetime.
Breezy Hill Campground is truly a family experience as Jon’s and Jennifer’s family assist at the campground on a regular basis by providing operational and maintenance support.  We are grateful for their effort in developing and maintaining a family oriented campground.
Part of the plan to purchase Breezy Hill Campground was focused on using this wonderful facility to make a dream come true for Emma and Maya by owning horses.  Our family will share the horse facility with other campers who travel with their horses by offering boarding facilities for their horses.
We welcome you to Breezy Hill Campground,
Jon, Jennifer, Emma, Maya and Izzy