The Buettner Family 2020, at Breezy Hill campground


The pool and hot tub will close on Tuesday, September 8th.
The Town of Byron placed a gravel shoulder on Cearns Lane.
We do have a few sites available for the September 11th weekend.
Saturday, September 12 @ 9:04 am Seasonal Meeting.  If you would like an item added to the agenda please email Sara.  If you have not emailed Sara about what you would like for lunch please do so by Monday, September 7th.
Electric meters have been read please pay when able.
Please do not leave garbage in your fire pit.
The finalized schedule for our Halloween Weekends will be shared with all next week.  We do appreciate your feedback and ideas.  Keep them coming.
If you sense something that is just not right in the campground, please do not hesitate to text or call Jon @ 920-979-4924.
May 21-23, 2021 we have added a Vintage Camper Showcase weekend.  We have 11 campers thus far that have reserved.  More to come.
We will also try a Wisconsin Car Racing Weekend.  Bill Behm site 54C will lead the planning in this event.


We just completed our 2nd weekend at Breezy Hill this past weekend and we just want to tell you that we have been camping for almost 25 years(of those 25 yrs, we have had 3 seasonal campsites at 3 different campgrounds)and we have to tell you that yours by far is the friendliest, most accommodating and cleanest. We have never been to a campground where the owner comes around and sincerely welcomes you or says goodnight. Kuddos-you are doing EVERYTHING right! Take care and we will see you next year for sure!

Lynette and Bruce Schroeder and girls

Hilbert, WI

(1st weekend campers with the Trinity Church group on site 138 and 2nd weekend with a set of friends on site 79)

We love you guys!  You have the ABSOLUTE BEST campground!    I’d be there every weekend but I’m still wanting to go to different places like out west, the Apostle Islands, out east, back to the mountains.   But then I’m heading up by you!

My granddaughter Baylee the older one who was intimidated by Breezy went into the bathroom with her mama and when she got back to the campsite she was so excited to tell me how clean it was!!!   Just like home!! We walked all the way back up so she could show me!  Thought you’d love hearing that.  I am so serious when I say you guys are the best. You were the first campground we went to once we started traveling. And trust me you set the bar really high for the other campgrounds we went to, and none of them compare!

Friends always,

A Radio message from Jon Wiltzius….




On our campground near Fond du Lac, WI we offer you a chance to get away from the city without driving a long distance! We have a beautiful pond, lots of activities for the kids, and options when it comes to how you want to camp! Located just a short distance from Milwaukee, Madison, and Green Bay. We invite your family and friends to our clean, quiet, safe, family-owned campground. For directions on how to get to us please click here.



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